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What goes through your head at such a moment?

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Online Backup?

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Today online backup has proved its use and reliability. The software used by No-Backup counts more than 950.000 users.

No-Backup is today a big player on the European market. We have partners and clients in several countries. We offer the highest quality at the best prices.

Your personal and business data are important. Accounting, customer data, employee files, multimedia, program source code, administration, plans, photos, e-mails, … must not be lost. That’s why you need to protect your data through daily backups.

Just imagine that, because of theft, fire, water damage, a virus, a power failure or technical defect, your current backup cannot be restored or contains corrupted data. What goes through your head at such a moment? In such an event, a good backup is simply essential.

Online backup by No-Backup is the perfect choice for businesses and private customers.

Online backup has some important advantages compared to a local backup. With No-Backup, you have a backup no matter what happens. Your data are stored safely in two different data centres.

No-Backup offers you comfort and security. No need to invest in expensive software, updates, hardware, tape streamers, tapes and time to make and verify your backups.

With a backup solution from No-Backup, the creation of your backup will be fully automated. Most important is you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Each day, without manual intervention, a backup is made, encrypted and sent to our different data centres where it is stored safe from fire and theft.

Moreover, No-Backup stores different versions of your backups so that you can retrieve the data from yesterday, last week, last month, etc. On the first run a full copy is made of all your data. For later backups, only new files and modifications are sent to your backup space.

The restoration of files is relatively effortless. You can easily repair damage by a virus, a disk crash, fire, lightning strikes, flooding, accidentally erased data, system crash, theft, hackers, etc. by simply restoring a backup with the software or online, via our website, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everything gone in one stroke! ‘Impossible’, you may think, but it can happen, if you haven’t secured a backup. Hardware may be expensive but your data are irreplaceable and therefore invaluable. Fire? Lost your laptop? Lost an external hard disk? Computer crash? With No-Backup, your lost data is quickly and simply restored on your new computer, laptop or server.

Insurance: your hardware maybe well insured but your online backup in our secured data centre is the best insurance.

Caution with your local backup

You probably already make regular local backups of your data. This is certainly an important step. However there are a number of disadvantages.

What is the cost of your current backup solution, software, updates, hardware, tape streamer, tapes and man hours to make and check the backup?

Do you make daily backups and are they encrypted so that your data cannot be read should they fall into the wrong hands?

Do you use external hard disks or tapes, and do you keep these locally, or do you go through the trouble of storing them in a safe location? If yes, do you do that every day and even several times per day?

Do you regularly test the restoration procedure so that you can be sure that the day you really need something, restoration will be 100% successful?

Do you create a new backup each day or do you overwrite an existing backup? The latter is not without risk. If a crash occurs during the creation of the backup, you risk losing the original and both the old and new backups will be unusable. Also, if you detect an error caused by an erroneous manipulation or a virus only after several days or even weeks, your most recent backups will already be compromised.

Do you store multiple backup versions so that you can retrieve the data of yesterday, last week, last month etc.?



Without a doubt, online backup offers more advantages and security!

Don’t wait any longer, test our software today and experience the faultless functioning and comfort of No-Backup.

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